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Big Data in Telecommunications

As some industries stand to benefit more from processing big data, telecommunication companies have been left out of the loop. For decades, communications service providers (CSPs) have transported and captured high volumes of information collected about their customers, such as calling patterns, wireless data usage, location, network bandwidth statistics and a record of their favourite […]

Four Myths about Machine Learning

We’ve talked about how machine learning is better than statistical models and how DataRobot supports the advanced machine learning techniques used in the insurance industry, today. But since it’s been around for generations, people are often left misconceptions about it.   Let’s clarify four popular myths about machine learning, right now: Myth #1: “Machine learning […]

The Benefits of Transitioning from Statistical Models to Machine Learning

In case you missed last week’s article, we talked about the many ways machine learning is used in the insurance industry, and how it not only adds value to their work. This week, we shed light on the benefits of transitioning from statistical models to machine learning. In regulated markets, insurers rely heavily on statistical […]