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Delivering Data Warehousing More Efficiently

Data warehouse automation (DWA) provides data warehousing teams with a wide range of benefits commonly associated with digital transformation as seen in the diagram above. Data warehouse automation has been credited with boosting developer productivity by fivefold. With the ability to automate as much as 80 percent of the data warehouse lifecycle, IT teams can more quickly deliver data warehouses, as well as more easily adapt existing data warehouses as business needs change.

When designed for a specific data platform, or data warehouse software, data warehouse automation can also greatly reduce the learning curve associated with implementing a new data platform within an organization. Whereas traditionally developers hand-coding projects would need deep knowledge of many aspects of the new platform, data warehouse automation specifically designed for the platform can mask much of the complexity working behind the scenes.

Data warehouse automation solutions have also been credited with providing organizations with the best practices standardization that can easily be lacking when working with a variation in development approaches, methodology understanding, and other staffing characteristics. Thorough documentation is also a valuable takeaway for organizations using data warehouse automation, and often a luxury for those who are not.


Deliver data warehousing projects more quickly with less hassle.

Automate to develop, deploy, document and operate data infrastructure and big data integration the fast, easy way.

  • Fast-track projects – Automate 95 percent of the coding effort to deliver data warehousing projects to the business in record time.
  • Be ready for change – Leverage metadata-driven automation to easily make changes to your data infrastructure and more agilely respond to business needs.
  • Cut project cost and risk – Simplify, speed up and standardize development with automation to reduce data integration and data infrastructure project risk and cost.


Key Features

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, deliver data warehouses, data vaults, data lakes and data marts quickly with DWA integrated development environment and integration tools.


Automates development and operations workflows

Shorten data infrastructure development, deployment, and operation using a drag-and-drop approach to define data infrastructure and automate data integration and metadata usage. Instantly generate all of the code needed to instantiate and populate your project and easily schedule and migrate changes.


Generates platform-native code

Eliminate 95 percent of the hand-coding typically required in data infrastructure development. DWA automatically generates SQL and other code native to your target platform, including big data analytics. Leveraging platform-specific best practices and features—such as optimized database loaders — DWA boosts productivity and eliminates code inconsistency.


Creates and updates documentation automatically

DWA automatically produces all documentation and updates it with any changes as you work. You get full data source lineage, including trackback, track forward, and impact analysis so IT will always have an up-to-date, accurate and complete view of the data infrastructure.


Uses built-in best practices

Choose the data infrastructure methodology best suited to your project. DWA provides built-in best practices and out-of-the-box wizards and templates for common data warehouse modeling methodologies such as third-normal form (3NF), Data Vault and dimensional modeling. The result is reduced complexity for IT teams, accelerated development capabilities and the ability to deliver data infrastructure supporting business intelligence more easily.


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