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Big Data in Telecommunications

As some industries stand to benefit more from processing big data, telecommunication companies have been left out of the loop. For decades, communications service providers (CSPs) have transported and captured high volumes of information collected about their customers, such as calling patterns, wireless data usage, location, network bandwidth statistics and a record of their favourite apps and webpages.

Since there was no efficient way of making use of big data and storing it was expensive, most of it was discarded over the years. Today, when combined with streaming analytics and analytics at scale, big data technologies are enabling telecommunications companies to uncover significant new insights, especially on their infrastructure and their customers.

Massive business changes are underway due to big data technologies. As new legal limitations are being shifted and opening doors for internet service providers to sell data on consumer behaviour online, data is expected to become a significant new revenue source. The expanding range of telecommunications services, with the adoption of mobile data, has also expanded the range of potential applications that can improve efficiency and generate new business.

Additionally, companies can benefit from collected and processed information to better understand their own business, which is evidently revolutionising the telecommunications industry. Tools like machine learning and streaming analytics are creating new opportunities for CSPs to get insight from data sets that were previously tossed out and providing the industry with the space it would need to finally grow.

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