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Current Telecommunication Industry Trends

Times are changing for the telecommunication industry as the world of technology welcomes new legal limitations that would allow internet service providers to sell data on consumer behaviour online.

Additionally, tools like machine learning and streaming analytics are creating new opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) to get insight from data sets that were previously tossed out and providing the industry with the space it would need to finally grow.

An industry that used to be a highly regulated business with fixed prices, monopoly market control, and little customer choice, the telecommunications market has been dethroned by digitization and mobility. As consumers’ bandwidth needs have expanded to fulfill high-speed data and video needs, they sometimes opt for other available carriers, ranging from traditional phone service providers to cable companies to VOIP services.

In addition to that, full mobile phone number portability has enabled customers with the choice to move their service from one carrier to another with virtually no disruption, enabling them to play carriers against each other. In short, a once-staid industry is now hypercompetitive, which has created pressure on the large incumbents and opportunities for players big or small.

Telecom firms are aggressively seeking new lines of business, ranging from advertising to cloud hosting to original programming. They are leveraging their infrastructure to deliver new high-margin information and entertainment services to mobile customers, homes, and businesses. Smartphones and programming are profitable new revenue sources. Although competition has increased, customers are writing bigger checks to telecommunication service providers than they ever have.

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