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Customer Opportunity & Market Trends in Retail FMCG

In today’s era, finding competitive advantage in the retail industry means gathering data and insights of current supply and demand trends. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and retail companies across the nation are focusing on the most effective ways of delivering insights to the right person at the right time with more relevant context and ensuring […]

Current Telecommunication Industry Trends

Times are changing for the telecommunication industry as the world of technology welcomes new legal limitations that would allow internet service providers to sell data on consumer behaviour online. Additionally, tools like machine learning and streaming analytics are creating new opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) to get insight from data sets that were previously […]

Big Data in Telecommunications

As some industries stand to benefit more from processing big data, telecommunication companies have been left out of the loop. For decades, communications service providers (CSPs) have transported and captured high volumes of information collected about their customers, such as calling patterns, wireless data usage, location, network bandwidth statistics and a record of their favourite […]

Powering the Search to Combat Fraud in Return Policies

Since earlier this year, cybersecurity and fraud cases have dramatically increased. Various consumer-centric industries have begun adopting safety and security measures to prevent fraud and to protect both themselves and their consumers. Throughout the years, Malaysian retail companies have utilised traditional refund processing methods in individual retail stores – such as searching through physical and […]

Delivering Local Convenience Proactively with Location Intelligence

Location intelligence is a technology financial institutions should consider to fully utilise available location information and data to make better business decisions. It is also a tool that enables organizations to engage meaningful insight by harnessing the power of location to solve business problems, deliver location-based services or manage assets. Previously, in the ‘geo-relevance’ feature, […]

Reducing Bank Frauds using Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence is a technology used by financial institutions to fully utilise location and data in driving better business decisions. With features mentioned in previous articles, such as geo-relevance, real-time royalty and authentication, location intelligence enables organizations to derive meaningful insight by harnessing the power of location to solve business problems, deliver location-based services or […]

Authentication of Cards and eWallets using Location Intelligence

Here’s what we know so far: Location Intelligence helps financial institutions in understanding complex relationships between location and data, to drive better business decisions. Businesses can benefit from meaningful insight by fully utilizing it to make solutions more location relevant and more situation specific. Applications with location intelligence not only provides institutions with the ability […]

Four Myths about Machine Learning

We’ve talked about how machine learning is better than statistical models and how DataRobot supports the advanced machine learning techniques used in the insurance industry, today. But since it’s been around for generations, people are often left misconceptions about it.   Let’s clarify four popular myths about machine learning, right now: Myth #1: “Machine learning […]

The Benefits of Transitioning from Statistical Models to Machine Learning

In case you missed last week’s article, we talked about the many ways machine learning is used in the insurance industry, and how it not only adds value to their work. This week, we shed light on the benefits of transitioning from statistical models to machine learning. In regulated markets, insurers rely heavily on statistical […]