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Introduction to Data Fabric

Data Fabric is a hybrid, consisting of an architecture and set of data services, that provide consistent capabilities across a choice of endpoints spanning on-premises and multiple cloud environments, a.k.a a multi-cloud. In short, it simplifies and integrates data management across cloud and on-premises to accelerate digital transformation.

Today, it can greatly benefit your business by efficiently handling all your data integration and integrity challenges, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, from end to end. Here are some key values Data Fabric can deliver:

1. Collect

This solution will assist your business with the process of ingesting and integrating data from any source to any location. More conveniently, it can handle data in an easier and faster manner with an intuitive interface and no coding.
2. Govern

This solution embeds quality into data management and guarantees ironclad regulatory compliance with a thoroughly collaborative, pervasive and cohesive approach to data governance.
3. Transform

It helps make the most informed decisions based on high quality, trustworthy data derived from batch and real-time processing: bolstered with market-leading data cleaning and enrichment tools.
4. Share

Finally, you are able to get more value from your data by making it available internally and externally with application integration, cloud API services, and extensive self-service capabilities — improve customer engagement and become a more efficient and data-driven organization.


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