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Cognitive Automation In Today’s Era

A large global food conglomerate was spending a lot of time and resources manually processing invoices in numerous separate “shared services” centers around the world. It selected Automation Anywhere’s global digital workforce platform—which includes RPA, cognitive capabilities, and analytics — because of the unique ability of Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot product to automate processes without needing help from data scientists or AI experts.

For the pilot test of IQ Bot, the company selected one of its smaller shared services centers, which processed 200+ invoices daily. By selecting a reasonably — but not overly — complex business process in a small division, the company greatly increased its chances of success. The company provided Automation Anywhere with a sample of 500 invoices covering most of the more common invoice formats encountered by its vendors.

Automation Anywhere’s services team worked closely with the multinational company to create, train, and set up an IQ Bot software robot (intelligent bot) that could recognize different invoice layouts, understand the labels (such as date and amount), and convert the invoice image into a structured machine-readable file. They also built traditional RPA bots that fed invoices into the IQ Bot, and which took the IQ Bot-generated machine-readable file and validated it against the company’s legacy ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

Significant Impact of Cognitive Automation
Within a few weeks, IQ Bot was able to automate 75% of the invoices flowing through the company’s system. After this initial success, the company is now rapidly expanding the use of IQ Bot to automate
five additional document-centric processes at the shared-services center, as well as deploy IQ Bot at two additional global locations.

● 75% of invoices now processed automatically
● Five mission-critical business processes intelligently automated
● Three global-locations automated with cognitive RPA

Leading companies around the world are already deploying it to automate much more complex— and business-critical — processes than were previously possible. It’s the next logical step to take after deploying traditional RPA. ROI is also faster and higher than with traditional RPA. So what’s stopping you from implementing a cognitive automation pilot or proof of concept today?

Accelteam believes that any company can operate with unprecedented productivity when they have the most intelligent and intuitive robotic process automation platform. Adding cognitive capabilities to robotic process automation (RPA) is the biggest trend in business process automation since RPA.

In fact, for the past two decades, Accelteam has been one of the leaders in providing advanced data-processing throughout the region. If you would like to learn more about Cognitive Automation, please reach out to us at