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We passionately work with our Customers in the discovery of business insights using various solutions and technologies.

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We passionately work with our Customers in the discovery of business insights using various solutions and technologies. This includes the adoption of visualisation solutions, automated machine learning solutions and big data platform.AccelTeam’s project success has always been driven by the proven methodology of ensuring a persona-based analytics framework to be adopted. We create beautiful User Experience dashboards that the users will want to use frequently because they are able to draw meaningful conclusions (business insights) whenever they use the dashboards. Besides that, AccelTeam’s project delivery approach incorporates the self-service BI factor in ensuring the customer’s ability to expand and deep-dive further in their BI journey is made possible.

Our Analytics Strategy in every project spans across users from different background and typically they can be from the C-level, group of Data Analyst and/or Business Users.

AccelTeam’s data-driven analytics journey with the customer can be analysed and grouped into the following three pillars as depicted below.

Pillar 1 -Traditional BI Analytics

This is the most common starting point of the majority of our customer’s BI journey. The primary focus at this stage to the customer is to be able to understand, compare and measure their 360-View of their business performance using their past or historical transactions. This is also often called the “rear-mirror” approach of understanding “What Has Happened”, “What Has Gone Right / Wrong”, “Have We Achieved Our Goals / Set Target” etc. Running a company without knowing the performance of the business is like blind-folding oneself whilst making decisions on a daily basis.

 Pillar 2 – Advanced Analytics

When a customer “has understood” their past performance, identifying the “right and wrong” of their past, many are now currently working on ways to rectify, improve, predict and considering recommendations from Machine Learning solutions, in order to be able to compete effectively in the marketplace and not to mention looking at intelligence to improve their business performance. Improving business performance includes top line sales revenue, operation excellence and overall company’s profitability. Making business decisions today is no longer based on gut-feel or judgmental experience but using proven advanced analytics solutions to discover hidden insights on your business, customers, competitors, assets, external market forces, patterns and behaviours etc.

Pillar 3– Big Data Analytics

One will always ask the question on “When do I need to move into a big data platform?” “How can big data benefit me and impact my business?” “Does the cost versus benefit analysis make sense to me?”

If you have such questions or similar perspective to the above, do speak to us. We have the answers for you. AccelTeam’s quest has always been thriving to create business value propositions to customers that are embarking into the big data story. Our approach has always been applying business use cases that are relevant to the customer and put forth a clear Point-of-View explanation to them so as they could understand the value of big data. The customer’s a-ha moment arises when AccelTeam demonstrates the proposed solution in the form of a Proof-of-Concept, looking into the customer’s historical transactions or events, and predict the outcome as if it has not taken place. Big data analytics do also come in the form of AccelTeam helping out customers in discovering patterns, behaviours and business insights that involves datasets that are large, varied and something the customer has never deep-dived to-date in their daily analysis. The blending of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) within the customer’s business has shed some much insights to their business and operations and that many of them are now looking at ways on how to discover valuable insights from it.