Plantation Management

 Plantation Management

AccelTeam’s Plantation Management Solution provides users with the ability to monitor the progress and status of activities and enables them to identify problematic areas of the plantation. The framework covers Finance Analysis, Sales and Marketing Analysis, Plantation Analysis, Mill Analysis, Community Analysis and Human Resource Analysis.


  • Achieves business visibility via management dashboards that facilitates the monitoring of plantation core business areas such as plantation life cycle, sales and distribution, manufacturing and human resource.
  • Retrieves key data from various source systems into a single visual view for better business insight and responsive decision making.
  • Provides information on key result areas and Key Performance Indicators of the plantation industry such as KER, FFB, OER, Yield per Hector.
  • Deeper insights into plantations, plots, estates or by various categorization of land by plantation companies.
  • 360 degrees view and process-based Business Intelligence for plantation industry from estate upkeep, harvesting, storage, transportation, production (mill management) to final product.

BizoDe Plantation Management focuses on the following industry verticals and can also be extended further depending on the requirements:

  • Palm Oil Planation
  • Rubber Plantations
  • Paddy Plantations


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Our solution provides government a comprehensive mechanism to deliver high precision programs in addressing citizen needs through the use of data analysis and technology.

BizoDe® Analytics

Our industry-focused framework that empowers organizations with the ability to perform detailed analysis with a shorter timeframe to obtain key insights into their business environment, enabling decision makers to improve business outcomes and manage risk.

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It is based on a service-delivery model, offering hosted applications for access and is utilized by companies with minimum lag time on a subscription basis or pay-as-you go basis.