Performance Management System is a tool used to communicate organisational goals and objectives, reinforce individual accountability for meeting those goals, and track and evaluate individual and organisational performance results.  

Highlights of Performance Management Solution:

  • A specialised solution used to measure corporate key performance area
  • Supports balance scorecard framework
  • Designed to be business user friendly
  • Offers the flexibility to fit changing needs
  • Offers real time and centralised view of business performance
  • Allows strategic initiatives, consolidation and creation of performance reports
  • Monitors KPI based on role and function (Executives will see summary view while department heads have access to detailed metrics)
  • Includes reminder and notification
  • Accessible from anywhere and at anytime

Benfits of investing in a cloud based solution?:

  • Allows data collection and display performance indicators on a real time basis
  • Omit the hassle of on site installation
  • Secured centralised database
  • Allows multi-users access at one time
  • Easy updating of information
  • Secure and always available audit trail
  • Allows cut & paste and exporting of information
  • Performs auto consolidation and calculates performance result
  • Grants access rights for viewing according to assigned role
  • Ease of retrieving of historical data 


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BizGov® GCMS ™

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