Oil and Gas / Energy Solution

AccelTeam is experienced in every aspect of oil and gas, from the   reservoir to the refinery, from the oil patch to deep -water, offshore and onshore facilities, pipelines and terminals, providing solutions that enhance safety, reliability  and  efficiency.  Our  Oil  and  Gas  solutions  help  accelerate discovery  of  hydrocarbons,  streamline  production  operations,  reduce operating  costs,  enhance  compliance,  minimize  downtime,  enable collaboration, and mitigate risk by optimizing and strategically leveragingyour information assets.

BizGov® GCMS ™

Our solution provides government a comprehensive mechanism to deliver high precision programs in addressing citizen needs through the use of data analysis and technology.

BizoDe® Analytics

Our industry-focused framework that empowers organizations with the ability to perform detailed analysis with a shorter timeframe to obtain key insights into their business environment, enabling decision makers to improve business outcomes and manage risk.

BizoDe® SaaS

It is based on a service-delivery model, offering hosted applications for access and is utilized by companies with minimum lag time on a subscription basis or pay-as-you go basis.