Asset Integrity Assurance

AccelTeam’s Asset Integrity Assurance dashboard solution provides users with the ability to monitor maintenance activities, progress and status as well as allow users to identify problematic areas.


  • Achieves business visibility via management dashboards through one single screen to facilitate monitoring of assets such as pipeline and risers
  • Provides an integrated information management system which retrieve key data from various source systems into a single visual view for better business insight and responsive decision making.
  • Enables aggregation of work orders and helps users with better logistics and support planning,
  • Creates additional cost-savings from the optimization and allocation of resources.
  • Retrieves and consolidate work orders and pipeline related data from asset integrity tools that enables anomaly management and monitoring of work order compliance.
  • Has exceptions-based highlights and visual alerts based on pre-determined conditions or criteria.
  • Provides powerful GIS-enabled management dashboards

Asset Integrity Assurance focuses on the following industry verticals and can also be extended further depending on the requirements: -

  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy
  • Water Resources



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