Intelligence Education

Accelteam provides Corporate Performance Management training programs in Strategic Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse methodologies. Our intensive courses and hands-on delivery approach provide you with the necessary skills and understanding for competency development and effective knowledge assimilation.

The ultimate objective of the education programs is to act as catalyst for your organization to embark on Corporate Performance Management solutions as means to improve business performance. 

Our programs will result in

  • Obtaining stakeholder buy-in with the awareness created in the importance of CPM solutions
  • Improved speed of implementation as management will be trained to efficiently articulate business requirements for a CPM solution that will directly address their business needs
  • Bridging of the gap between business users and Technology team with a standardized framework for CPM terminologies, concepts and functions

Competency acquisition by Technology team to design enterprise data warehouse, perform requirements and gap analysis and the utilization of business intelligence tools

Our training approach and methodology includes: -

  • Business focused workshops complemented by learning modules and case studies
  • Hands-on learning environment with coaching for walkthroughs and simulations
  • Delivered by a team of instructors and practitioners with practical implementation experience
  • Training Needs Analysis to ensure course addresses competency gaps and achieves training objectives

All our course instructors are certified by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB). Please contact our consultants at +6.03.8994 4887 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information on our course schedule and program. 








BizGov® GCMS ™

Our solution provides government a comprehensive mechanism to deliver high precision programs in addressing citizen needs through the use of data analysis and technology.

BizoDe® Analytics

Our industry-focused framework that empowers organizations with the ability to perform detailed analysis with a shorter timeframe to obtain key insights into their business environment, enabling decision makers to improve business outcomes and manage risk.

BizoDe® SaaS

It is based on a service-delivery model, offering hosted applications for access and is utilized by companies with minimum lag time on a subscription basis or pay-as-you go basis.